Guidelines & Regulations
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Community Guidelines & Regulations

Hacked Clients
Hacked clients are not allowed on our server, with no excuses!
If you admit to using a hacked client before being banned and at the first oppitunity, you will only be banned for 10 days.
Punishment: 10-40 days ban

Illegal Modifications
Illegal modifications are modifications that give players specific bonuses which others wouldn't have, putting them at an unfair disadvantage. These could include golden apple hit, radar map with entities and auto-clicker. For a full list of our illegal modifications that are allowed, please check 
Punishment: 10-40 days ban

Scamming Real Money
Scamming real money isn't allowed and will be taken very seriously. Any real courcey (PayPal, Bank Transfer, Cryptocurrency to name a few) will be treated scamming, even if the money wasn't used.
If you buy an unban, you will be required to complete the trade, or return the money (with evidence.) . If you don't complete the trade within 24 hours, you'll be permanently banned again.
Punishment: Permanent ban.

Swearing / Spamming etc.
Swearing & any obscene language isn't permitted on our server. Censored words which could be identified by someone will be dealt with in the same manner.
Punishment: Warning > 5-60 minutes mute.

Discrimination against anyone for any reason isn't allowed. This could be from race to sexual orientation, but could include many more. This includes all communication methods (PM. Chat, Team Chats etc)
Punishment: Warning > 5-60 minutes mute.

Suicidal Encouragement
Our server provides a safe environment for everyone. We do this to prevent people from carrying out this act in the real world. Abbreviations (KYS etc) will be trated in the same way.
Punishment: Warning > 1-12 hours mute.

Refusing to screenshare / [b]Logging out when asked for screenshare[/b]
Staff can ask you to take part in a screenshare for any reason. You will be requested to use discord and dependent on the staff member, you may have to download an additional programme. Refusing, logging out or continually interrupting a screenshare without reason, will lead to the ban.
Punishment: 10-40 days ban.

D-D-o-S Threats
Our server is looking to keep a safe and clear environment. Upon threatening a player or a staff member of a d-d-o-s or any internet related threat you are expected to face punishment.
Punishment: Warning > 1-5 days mute.

Our server is looking to keep a safe and clear environment. Upon advertising a different server you are expected to face punishment. (Mentioning names is allowed).
Punishment: Permanent mute.

Our server is looking to keep a safe and clear environment. Upon abusing glitches you are expected to face punishment. Door glitching and natural MineCraft glitches will be punished.
Punishment: 10-15 days ban.

Cross teaming (Warzone)
Our server is looking to keep a fair and clear environment. Upon cross teaming, you are expected to face punishment. Cross Teaming is classified as being a maximum of 3 players, regardless whos together or within the same team/ faction.
Punishment: Warning > 1-2 days ban.

Abusing Alts to gain advantages
Abusing alts to gain advantages will result in a punishment.
Punishment: Permanent ban.

Insiding and Base Glitching on Factions
Insiding on Factions will result in a punishment.

Punishment: 60-80 days ban.

    • Evading a mute will result in a ban for the duration of the mute.
    • Bans that are not allowed to be evaded, could result in an IP-ban to prevent evasion.
    • Leaking personal information of players is against the rules.
    • Any rules which are loopholes to any rules listed could result in punishment.