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VoteTop November '18 - Gatesway - 12-03-2018

Dear Member of the BlazeVortex community

It's that time of the month again; where everyone's happy, free ranks are being dealt out and new opportunities get on the loose! 

We all know what I'm talking about right? VoteTop!
All votes from the 1st of November until the 30th of November have been counted.
The results are as following:


1st: lucasmolen with 285 votes.
2nd: MCjokerJB77 with 261 votes.
3rd: Slotiq with 258 votes.

1st: €30,- from our store.
2nd: €20,- from our store.
3rd: €10,- from our store.

As always, December's VoteTop has started the 1st. Therefore make sure to vote daily to get a chance of winning the next VoteTop!

Keep on voting!


Winners may contact me on forums to receive their prizes.