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WEEKLY EVENT #3 [FFA] - Gatesway - 10-23-2018

What's up, homeboys?

Last Sunday's event was lit! I can assure you we have more of that on the way, with this weeks event being Free For All.

It mostly speaks for itself, you will all be released at the same time in an arena, with your only and main task being killing to survive.

Prize; as always, is included and consists of a €10,- coupon in our store.

Practical info:

The event will take place on Sunday at 18PM CEST

I look forward to seeing you then!


RE: WEEKLY EVENT #3 [FFA] - Aceyx - 10-23-2018

Hope to see you all on Sunday evening and to have a great time together!

RE: WEEKLY EVENT #3 [FFA] - Badlyburned - 10-23-2018

Lets hope I will win xD

RE: WEEKLY EVENT #3 [FFA] - moko153 - 10-23-2018

aceyx i am going ti stalk you again if you stream so be aware Big Grin

RE: WEEKLY EVENT #3 [FFA] - DyabGwad - 10-24-2018

Can you tell how long the event lasts?

RE: WEEKLY EVENT #3 [FFA] - moko153 - 10-24-2018

untill one player will be left

RE: WEEKLY EVENT #3 [FFA] - sSlotiq - 10-26-2018

Good luck!

RE: WEEKLY EVENT #3 [FFA] - Sapperdeflap - 10-26-2018

gl hf