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VoteTop September '18
Dear Member of the BlazeVortex community

It's that time of the month again; where everyone's happy, free ranks are being dealt out and new opportunities get on the loose! 

We all know what I'm talking about right? VoteTop!
All votes from the 1st of September until the 30th of September have been counted.
The results are as following:


1st: moko153 with 261 votes.
2nd: 9z_ with 226 votes.
3rd: kyriakos with 195 votes.


1st: €30,- from our store.
2nd: €20,- from our store.
3rd: €10,- from our store.

As always, October's VoteTop has started today. Therefore make sure to vote daily to get a chance of winning the next VoteTop!

Keep on voting!


Winners may contact me on forums to receive their prizes.

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· • ● ig: gatesway.ig ● • ·
Yayy! First month I win the top vote prize
- 9z_

-Floets / 9z_
[Image: giphy.gif]
Oof on the post of the last month it was told prizes will be 1st 40 2nd 30 3rd 20 I didn't vote so much to get 10 less than I thought I will (I wasn't able to check in game because I am on a vacation)
But anyways I want to tell you all: I am going for topvotes this month aswell! Which means 3 things
1St: blazevortex is getting my support this month as well
2nd I will get 1st place (hopefully) again
3rd I am doing the giveaway I promised!
So everyone get off this post and vote! Do it for a month and you may get a prize for yourself

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