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Hello everyone,

I am here to announce the first weekly event which is UHC!

The event will be hosted and created by me. I may be playing myself for a YouTube video if another staff member takes the spectator role. Next weeks event will probably be hosted by someone else and it will be a different type of event. Weekly there will be a different type of events and prices to get more players online on the weekend and have the promotion for the server! Some more details about the UHC game and what it all has included with features will be added tomorrow.

UHC will be on Sunday 14:00 CEST (Time based on player stats)

The server will be open for player selection etc one hour before the event. You will be able to join the event with /event on all servers. Everything will be announced ingame and on discord with countdowns etc.

Hope you all like the new weekly events!
[Image: pMEAxfY.gif]
Amazing Event. Im really keen on seeing it taking place! Big Grin
sincerly, zlxqit_
What are the rewards? Or will these be announced tomorrow?

Anyways, hyped!
See you all on Sunday, hope to have a great time and experience with all of you. And of course, good luck and may the best win!
Discord: Aceyx#9919
Steam: aceyx^
Twitch: aceyx_
Twitter: @Aceyx_
Youtube: Aceyx

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Oof I think I will only get home at that time on Sunday... But we will see Smile
I really wish that I could of joined that tournament, but I lost my old premium account and no one is answering my premium account request  Undecided
Angry  well I lost because of TeamMate killing so yeah gg who were in event.

k thx now stop reading xD

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